Psychotherapy in English

My name is Andrzej Cała. I am a psychologist, a certified psychotherapist and an interpreter. In my therapeutic practice I offer individual psychotherapy in English for  adults, as well as couples therapy.
As a member of a teaching staff at Instytut Gestalt in Krakow I conduct various workshops with students. I also interpret group therapy and trainings run by foreign therapists in English.

In my practice in Krakow (2b Gwarna St.) I offer an individual psychotherapy in English and a couples therapy in English.

The price of one individual  50-minutes session is 150 zł.
The price of one couples therapy 90-minutes session is 250 zł.
To make an appointment, please call me at +48 781 895 932
or e-mail

About Gestalt therapy:

As a gestalt therapist I place an emphasis on working in the „here and now”. The events and experiences that are a source of a problem happened in a near or distant past, but they are impacting your life in the present. Therapy is focused on expanding awareness of this impact and of the way you are being ‘now’. I find balance in supporting as well as challenging you in becoming more aware of your thoughts, feelings, bodily experiences and patterns of relating to yourself and others. In my therapy room I create conditions for safe and creative experiencing of all emotions, feelings and thoughts. All this leads towards finding your own individual solutions, your own creative adjustments, your own balance in life.

Gestalt for me is also an authentic meeting. In clear boundaries of therapy we meet not only as a client and a therapist, but also, and first of all, as human individuals.

I work under regular supervision of a certified Gestalt psychotherapy supervisor.

My education:

I have graduated from psychology at Jagiellonian University (master’s degree in cross-cultural psychology) and from a four year school of psychotherapy in Instytut Terapii Gestalt in Cracow (EAGT accredited).

I have gained therapeutic skills and experience also on various trainings, conferences and courses i.a.

One year program of Psychological Education in area of Psychotherapy at Instytut Terapii Gestalt.

An Internship in Profilactics and Psychoeducation at Polilsh Association of Practicing Psychologists.

An internship in MONAR Profilactics and Therapy Clinic in Cracow.

Conferences of Polish Psychological Association and Polish Association of Gestalt Psychotherapy.